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If your time is limited and you do not have time to read a complete review I can sum it up nicely for you….WOW! what a festival. For those of us with a little more time or a longer attention span I will elaborate. To set the mood here is Saturday’s line up: Joe Mullens and The Radio Ramblers, Al Batten and The Bluegrass Reunion, The Boxcars, James King Band, and Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys. Talk about enough talent crossing one stage that would make The Madison Square Garden jealous and then add Buddy Michaels as MC and Madison Gibson running sound and we have the makings for one for real Bluegrass festival. To be sure there wera a lot of folks in attendance and I will speculate on the presence of adult beverages  but there was no trouble and exactly the opposite as hospitality, generosity, good will, and food were in abundance and shared by all. I even saw Beaux Foy with Airiel Down in attendance. The Shriners provided a tent area and cooked up some vittles for those who were looking for someone else to do the work but there was plenty of home cooking going on at the camp sites. The music was truly awesome, the hospitality was first class, and the whole experience was something like I have never seen before. I cannot wait for the next festival. Because of the abundance of images I will add them in as a gallery, please go through them and give me your opinions. Thanks in advance.