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Chris Koch, Gabriel Nelson, and myself went to Staten Island NY  with Beaux Foy to film the new Airiel Down music video starring Crusher the dog.

Gouge Wrestling brings a bunch of animals (so to speak) to Rebus Works for physical combat (so to speak) in the squared circle. Along with the wrestling match was a food truck rodeo with several local vendors as well as Aviator Brewing Company. There was some great food along with cold beers and some interesting entertainment. Wrestlers from Gouge put on an excellent show for the public’s enjoyment.  I am not a huge fan of professional wrestling, I believe it has something to do with all the way over the top showmanship.  This style of wrestling is a bit more to my liking, still plenty of showmanship but a little more gritty making this seem more real (which we all have opinions on ). Several of the wrestlers were Andrea the Giant, Redman, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. Otto Schwanz, Lou Marconi, and Rob BoogieWoogieman McBride. I think what I enjoyed the most of the show was how the wrestlers played to the crowd, especially the children. After the show I had the chance to meet Andrea the Giant and a few of the other wrestlers and they were all really nice folks Not that I did not expect that but still it was not hours before they were battling it out with one another.

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Man what a show, Hot Politics a Greensboro North Carolina based Funk band put our eardrums to the test Saturday May 9th at The Berkeley Cafe. With a mixture of sound from drums, horns, guitar, and bass the room was thick with funk. I had a chance to meet Jason Bullock  just before the show and he seemed like a real laid back sorta fella but he turned it up once he got behind his Euphonium and provided vocals. The other band members are Adam Donohue on the Tenor Sax, Kyle Poehling on Aux Percussion/ Drums/Vocals, Gray Hackelman on the Bass, Andy LeMaire on the Guitar, and Leo Kishore with his Bass sat in on a song.  I could see how Hot Politics played to the crowd, really involving them in the show. They did a fine job on bringing the funk to downtown Raleigh.  I kept an eye out for some folks from the 70s with bell bottoms on to pass me on roller skates headed under the disco ball. Closing your eyes their show really took you back in time. I really dug all their music but the song Turn Signal really stuck out in my mind. Funk is a new experience for me but I can tell you this for sure, it is a lot of fun and brings out the girls.

Leo Kishore a very talented musician and friend of mine invited me to The Berkley Cafe on Saturday May 8th to see my first Funkuponya show. Funkuponya was headlining a benefit show for the local SPCA. I had been looking forward to seeing them live and the show was aiding one of my favorite organizations so I gathered my camera gear, made my way to Downtown Raleigh, and found a place in the crowd. When the band kicked off the room was energized, I mean as they were setting up there was hardly any noise to wide open funk music spilling off the stage with enough presence to shake the old bricks that make up The Berkeley Cafe. I was hooked by the middle of Adelita (the first song) and an energy circulated through the room that set folks to dancing. Hot Air Balloon Chase, Go Go, Mixed Greens, Uncle Junior, Garlic, Peppermint Pattie (one of my favorites) and Mr. T-Bag rounded out the set list. Funkuponya is composed of Doug Carter (guitar), Leo Kishore (bass guitar), Carl Blackwell (drums) and Brian Werner (organ & various keyboards). I thoroughly enjoyed my first Funkuponya show and am sure it will not be my last.  If you are into funk music or curious about it this is a great band to get your fix from and with a name like Funkuponya how in the world can you go wrong. Thanks to Leo for the invite.

If bandwidth was a big issue I could convey the ambiance of an Old Habit’s show in one word…….Party…..did I say……Party.
Craig Thompson on the doghouse bass made a point to have his lyrics heard and with good reason. Chad Johnson on the acoustic guitar did his part on vocals and made a helluva showing. Lin Peterson took to his banjo like a duck to water and did a fine job. Lin is a very talented musician and has yet to let a crowd down. Will Beaty took his seat behind the drum kit and held up his end with percussion. Friends and neighbors I can tell you I was not let down by the Old Habits show. I heard some originals such as Standing Next To a Mountain by Lin Peterson and Carolina Born and Bread by Craig Thompson to name just a few as well as some covers, if I am not mistaken I do believe I heard a Hank Williams Sr cover as well. As a special treat Jamie Dawson and Emily Frantz set in for a few songs.
Nice work my friends, what a great party.

Cresting the wave of an excellent album release Mandolin Orange took the stage at the Pour House with intent.
I am here to tell you for just two individuals with microphones and a few instruments they can fill a music hall with heap of sound. Andrew and Emily held up their end of the deal by providing excellent original music such as Captain, Oh My Love, Wee Bird, Your Cryin Eyes, Night Owl, and one of my favorites Poor Boy Poor Me.
Emily and Andrew are genuine folks that have a knack for conveying real music in such a way that it is easily interpreted. I was able to shoot images alongside my friend Gabriel Nelson who is the owner of f/stop grooves photography who did the photography for the newest Mandolin Orange album Quiet Little Room.
Gabe paired with this duo will be a defining line for hopeful artist. Excellent work to all involved, very professional


Well it was St. Patrick’s Day all over America and a crowd of folks elected to celebrate with Charlotte NC born Unknown Hinson at The Berkeley and man….what a show. First I will go over the facts, this band is loud and I would have to say with all honesty Unknown Hinson is as good of a guitar played as I have even seen in my life. There were several lengthy guitar solos that made my face get hot and my blood pressure high enough I had to thin my blood with a few cold beers. The expressions on Unknown’s face gives a little insight on what is going through his mind while he is making as his music. Honestly and truthfully this is a very talented trio with a unique sound. The best way I could describe his music is, this what country music would sound like if it got caught in a phone booth with a rabid Mountain Lion.
My first thoughts as the show began were “Dracula the musical” I mean this show oozed old Hollywood horror (before Hollywood went to hell in a hand basket). There was a creepy vibe that floated off the stage as if it was fog from a smoke machine.
A few of the songs the band preformed were Venus Bound, Undead Blues, Pregnant, Barbie Q, Ugly Things, Lingerie, Foggy Windows, and several more. One thing I noticed is the show drew all sorts of folks from rednecks to hippies to punks and a few I would be hard pressed to describe. That tells me Unknown’s music transcends some hard genres but I reckon that is what genuine talent and old school theatrics will get you.  I could go on and on about the show but be sure everyone in attendance enjoyed the show and stayed through the last encore. My advice to you is if The Country Western Troubadour Unknown Hinson comes anywhere near you make it a point to get a few friends together and go see the show.

As you all may or may not know Lin Peterson started out with The Hotwires at the beginning but was involved in so many projects he had to consolidate. Lin is an excellent Dobro player and I was excited when I found out he was doing a show with The Hotwires.
I made it to The Pour House to catch the show and what can I say about The Hotwires that has not been said really. Hank Bowman is a one of a kind singer, songwriter, and guitar player (and he can change a guitar string and get it back in tune faster than I have ever seen while keeping up with the song). I have to tell you I love Hank’s music. Speaking of Hank, how about that Hank Smith who might as well have invented the banjo and figured out how to break it in. When it comes to the mandolin my friend Jamie Dawson is on it like dogonit. Then there is Jason Hedrick a talented bass fiddle player as well as running Reading Room Studios for recording artists. You all already know how I feel about Lin Peterson so with all that said it was the typical Hotwires show where energy levels were through the roof and that was illustrated in the crowd.
Whatever “it” is these folks have “it” and ain’t afraid to show “it” off. Nice work my friends.

The Pour House put on a Haiti Benefit Thursday February 4th in order to raise money for the unfortunate souls involved in the Haiti disaster.  That in itself was a noble cause and the plus was there was some fantastic music being donated by local musicians.

I got there in time to catch the Hotwires do their part and I am here to tell you they were on it like dogonit (not sure if dogonit is accepted by Webster as a word but I am going to stick with it). The Hotwires kicked off their set with Wild Geese (written by Peter Rowan) and that set the tone for the rest of their show. Wild Geese was followed by their defining song Hotwired where Hank Bowman poured it on thick.  Their instrumental was De La Luz and then it was Jamie Dawson’s turn at the mic singing You better be Gone (a Hank Bowman original). One of my favorite songs The Hotwires preform is How Can it Be and again Hank Bowman put his heart into it. With Hank Smith on the banjo and Jason Hedrick on the doghouse bass the whole show was brought together tight as Dick’s hatband.

After the show I had the chance to visit with Hank Smith and Jason Hedrick both of which I consider friends.  Jason and I were having an animated conversation about everything and nothing when he came clean and told me he though a lot of me but I was a little weird, the irony of this is a bass player with green highlights in his hair calling me weird. I took  that as a complement nevertheless, Jason is good people and Hank and I had a good laugh over it.

All in all it was a great show for a worthy cause.