Chris Koch, Gabriel Nelson, and myself went to Staten Island NY  with Beaux Foy to film the new Airiel Down music video starring Crusher the dog.


I have joined the Raleigh team in covering music events.

Here is the write-up by my friend Mark Winston and photographed by myself.

Gouge Wrestling brings a bunch of animals (so to speak) to Rebus Works for physical combat (so to speak) in the squared circle. Along with the wrestling match was a food truck rodeo with several local vendors as well as Aviator Brewing Company. There was some great food along with cold beers and some interesting entertainment. Wrestlers from Gouge put on an excellent show for the public’s enjoyment.  I am not a huge fan of professional wrestling, I believe it has something to do with all the way over the top showmanship.  This style of wrestling is a bit more to my liking, still plenty of showmanship but a little more gritty making this seem more real (which we all have opinions on ). Several of the wrestlers were Andrea the Giant, Redman, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. Otto Schwanz, Lou Marconi, and Rob BoogieWoogieman McBride. I think what I enjoyed the most of the show was how the wrestlers played to the crowd, especially the children. After the show I had the chance to meet Andrea the Giant and a few of the other wrestlers and they were all really nice folks Not that I did not expect that but still it was not hours before they were battling it out with one another.

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True to their name Old Habits remains a persistent local favorite. They showed up at The Pour House  in force and did not disappoint. These guys have been picking together since 2003 and their sound has evolved over the years. If you don’t know Old Habits, you really need to get out more, they are Chad Johnson – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals, Craig Thompson – Upright Bass, Harmonica, and Vocals; Lin Peterson – Banjo, Dobro, Telecaster and Vocals. I have seen them play in various venues in and around Raleigh and the one thing you can count on at an Old Habits show, it is going to be packed full of fans. This show was no exception, and with the variety of original songs,  classic covers, and all members being able to take the lead made for a potent show. Although all of the members are respected musicians in their own right, when you commingle their talent the music surges.

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Chad Atkin (not quite Axl), Mike “Junior” Edington (not quite Slash), Ron Cook (not quite Duff), Chris Clark (not quite Izzy), and Mike Ropelewski (not quite Adler) make up Appetite for Destruction, a Guns and Roses tribute band. Stepping into the Lincoln Theater the night of the show was almost like stepping back to the ’80s, with all the big hair, make up, and spandex ( and I am not just talking about the women).  The place was packed and  the crown was very enthusiastic about the show. When Appetite for Destruction took the stage it was tough to tell it was not Guns-N-Roses themselves putting on the show. These guys did a great covering all the G-N-R hits such as Sweet Child of Mine, Nighttrain, Welcome to the Jungle, and My Michelle. Their wardrobe and stage presence also reflected the G-N-R styling. I enjoyed the show myself and by the looks of the packed out Lincoln everybody else did as well.
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Hank Sinatra takes the stage at Southland Ballroom in Raleigh NC but I am sure folks in the neighboring counties enjoyed the cd release show. With a touch of controlled chaos Hank Sinatra worked up the crowd with an amalgamation of Southern Rock,  Honky Tonk, Garage music, and Punk.  The men that make up Hank Sinatra are Jeffro – vocals/guitar, Tommy – guitar/vocals, Sammy – guitar/vocals, Danny – bass/vocals, and JD – drums.  I hate using clichés but this band truly is greater than the sum of its parts, the chemistry of the members was evident.   This was the second time I have seen Hank Sinatra live, the first time was a couple of years ago and they have not lost a bit of energy. With such songs as I’d Break it, St Valentines Day, (I Wanna) Drink With You, and Aren’t You Afraid  they really set the tone for their style of music. The place was packed, the beer was cold, and the music was excellent, not too bad for a Saturday night.

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I got the opportunity to catch Skullbuckle at Southland Ballroom at the beginning of the weekend. These guys really have a unique sound. Blending instrumentals and lyrics together that, on paper, would not look like it would work but on stage they pulled it off perfectly. It really is an in your face sound with some serious drums and dark guitar riffs. It would be impossible to categorize this music in even a broad label so I decided to ignore conventional labels and if you decide you would like to try, then by all means give them a listen and email me your thoughts. If you are not familiar with Skullbuckle they are Malcolm David Hathaway III, vocals and guitar, Greg Clayton vocals and drums, Jimmy Phillips bass, and Kris Walz lead guitar. It was not too long ago Skullbuckle released their self titled debut album and they have been garnering fans at a steady pace. Great show fellas.

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This was the second time I have seen The Johnny Folsom Four live and they are a fine tribute to the late Johnny Cash. To pay a worthy tribute to the man in black you have some large shoes to fill and you can tell these musicians take this very seriously. As far as creating the essence of a Johnny Cash show these fellas have got it together. Preforming some of the most popular Johnny Cash tunes such as Ring of Fire and A Boy Named Sue and a few that are not played as often as they should be such as Long Legged Guitar Picking Man. In case your are not familiar with The Johnny Folsom Four they are Randy Benefield, David Burney, David Gresham, Joey Ward, and extra special guest Miss Eleanor Jones. The crowd was really into the show and that was evident by the folks who made their way close to the stage and carved out a dance floor among the other fans.  These guys are based out of Raleigh NC which is fortunate for us as they play the area often. If you hear tell of The Johnny Folsom Four playing a show anywhere near you I would suggest you check them out. I have yet to see someone leave their show until it is over.

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“Lonely” by The Outliers

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My review of Hank Bowman’s new project The Outliers.


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