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Walk With Me Propels The Kickin Grass Band Beyond Bluegrass Boundaries

New Album Released July 24, 2012 on Superfan Records; Features Stellar Lineup


RALEIGH, NC (June 21, 2012) – Superfan Records today announced the release of the Kickin Grass Band’s newest album, Walk With Me. This is the band’s first full-length album since 2008 and the first to feature the current lineup.  The album tells a nuanced musical story of grief, exploration, hard-won acceptance and understanding as only a close-knit veteran ensemble can.  Walk With Me is scheduled for release on July 24, 2012.


The Raleigh-based Kickin Grass Band is known for their unique bluegrass style—equal parts vintage and nouveau.  On Walk With Me, the group delightfully stretches and builds each song beyond the edges of their firm footing in bluegrass.  By following their muse down complementary paths of  Old-time, Americana and folk, the Kickin Grass Band has created an album that will appeal to a broad roots music audience.


Preview two tracks from the new album here:


Walk With Me                           Sugar


Half of the songs were penned by signature vocalist and main songwriter Lynda Dawson, with assists from newest members fiddle player Pattie Hopkins and banjo player Hank Smith.  The remaining cover songs were chosen to spotlight the personalities of the individual band members, but also to play on their strength as a cohesive unit. Vocals are passed back and forth between Dawson’s soaring lead on five of the tracks, Hopkins’s bluesy sound on two, bass player Patrick Walsh’s ethereal tenor on two, and mandolin player Jamie Dawson’s retro-tinted lead on one, with tasteful harmonic seasoning throughout.  Even with shifts in instrumentation, arrangement, narration and guest players, there remains a distinctive Kickin Grass Band sound that threads the tunes together, creating a colorful, mosaic tapestry of an album, and an expertly-crafted package of rootsy Americana-style bluegrass.


The band deliberately approached this project as a full-length record.  Walk With Me presents an exploration of life’s passages, a close-to-home chronicle of heartbreaking loss and hopeful beginnings.  Band members endured 3 years of ups and downs that started with the loss of Walsh’s wife to an excruciating battle with ovarian cancer, crested with the birth of beautiful daughter to the Dawsons, and then took another plummet with the sudden and unexpected death of Jamie Dawson’s brother.


“These were life-altering events for all of us, both individually and as bandmates and close friends,” explains Lynda Dawson. “We felt strongly that we needed to capture and express the emotional journey we had endured through our music, especially now that we’re on the other side looking back.”


To take in the album as a singular experience is to travel with the group from a questioning uncertainty to an understanding acceptance.  The message: the big answers may be beyond our grasp, but our communal search for them binds us together. If you look hard enough you may just find an answer—and a comfort—in the people who walk with you.


Walk With Me was recorded and co-produced by Jerry Brown at the Rubber Room, with artwork and design by Gamil. The album will be released by Superfan Records on July 24, 2012, at iTunes, Amazon MP3, Amazon Marketplace, CD Baby, and brick and mortar stores serviced through the Super D Distribution network.


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Upcoming Kickin Grass Band shows:

06/29/2012 | Cary, NC | Page-Walker Arts & History Center Garden Featuring PineCone Bluegrass Music Camp Students

07/01/2012 | Wilmington, NC | Poplar Grove Plantation Festival

07/08/2012 | Durham, NC | Festival for the Eno

07/22/2012 | Williamston, NC | Martin County Auditorium

07/26/2012 | Raleigh, NC | Quail Ridge Books & Music *CD Release In-Store Performance & Signing*

07/27/2012 | New Bern, NC | Bear Town Market & Beer Garden *Eastern NC CD Release Show

07/28/2012 | Raleigh, NC | Pour House Music Hall *CD Release Party*

07/29/2012 | Saxapahaw, NC | Haw River Ballroom *CD Release Show*

08/03/2012 | Wind Gap, PA | Appalachian Fiddle & Bluegrass Festival w/special guest Becky Buller

08/04/2012 | Wind Gap, PA | Appalachian Fiddle & Bluegrass Festival w/special guest Becky Buller

08/06/2012 | Thomas, WV | The Purple Fiddle w/special guest Becky Buller

08/07/2012 | Broadway, VA | Plan B w/special guest Becky Buller

08/08/2012 | Asheville, NC | The Grey Eagle w/special guest Becky Buller

08/11/2012 | Robbinsville, NC | Stecoah Valley Performing Arts Center w/special guest Becky Buller


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The International Bluegrass Music Association announced its plans today to move its World of Bluegrass events to Raleigh, North Carolina for the next three years, 2013-2015. World of Bluegrass Week includes the four-day IBMA Business Conference, the International Bluegrass Music Awards Show, and the three-day Bluegrass Fan Fest. The annual industry summit/bluegrass family reunion draws over 16,000 fans, artists, and music industry professionals from around the world for the week-long event, with an estimated 8,000-10,000 coming from outside the region. World of Bluegrass provides opportunities for showcasing, professional development, and networking at the largest concentrated week of powerful, live bluegrass music on the planet.
The following World of Bluegrass dates have been announced, with the option for a five- or seven-day event each year:

September 23 – 29, 2013
September 29 – October 5, 2014
September 28 – October 4, 2015



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An interview with Hank III.
By: Hunter Elliott

When I heard Hank III would be rocking The Lincoln Theatre I knew I had to be the guy covering the show. Raleigh Music contacted his promoter and along with passes to the show I was granted a short phone interview with the man himself. The promoter told me I would have about ten minuets so I prepared 6 question. Below is our exchange.

I started the conversation by telling Hank I was a huge fan of his music, who I was, and who I was working for.

1) Hunter- Country Music has really changed and many folks including myself think for the worse. What are your thoughts on the reasons why?

Hank- “It comes down to who knows who, lawyers getting more control than the musicians and DJ’s, and really it is more of a business but artist are beginning to get some of that control back. With that said I will not fault any artist for making a living with their music.”

2) Hunter- Will Country Music ever come full circle and what was will be again?

Hank- “That is way too hard to say but maybe.” 3) Hunter- Can you give me some examples of musicians that influence your style?

Hank- “There are a lot of musicians that have had influence but some that come to mind are Jimmy Martin, Dock Boggs, Hell Stomper, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Waylon Jennings, Lynard Skynard, and old Charlie Daniels.”

4) Hunter- Not long ago you released four albums at once, why?

Hank- “Nobody has ever done that before and it has been many years since I could sell my own CDs at my shows and since being signed with Curb records, now I have more creative control. Curb was holding me back as a musician.”

5) Hunter-Tell me about your involvement with Happy Tails (a humane shelter in TN so the reader knows) and your dogs Trooper and Mama.

Hank – “I have always been an animal lover and have been with Happy Tails for four years, I grew up around animals and they are close to me. Not everyone is cut out for a wife or husband but animals offer great companionship.” Trooper was rescued in Mississippi and was coming up to cars looking for help. Mama was hit by a car and had a litter of puppies in her when she was rescued.

6) Hunter- Are you in this (music) for the long haul?

Hank- “I am going to play as long as I can perform but I would prefer to retire on a good note and not try to play when I can barely hold a pick and guitar. As long as my health holds out I will make music. I have been on the road with a bus and a crew since about 1994.”

At this time I looked at the clock and it had been close to 10 minutes so I told Hank I knew my time was about up, he then told me “if you have anything else on your mind speak up”. Not wanting to miss this opportunity we went more into conversation mode. I asked him about Operation Happy Note which is a volunteer effort to send musical instruments to deployed service men and women throughout the world. Hank told me he was a big supporter of the troops and while on tour in Minneapolis he took part in signing two guitars for Operation Happy Note. We talked about his upcoming tour and the venues he chooses to play, Hank said “I would rather play the smaller venues to the smaller crowds over the larger amphitheaters.

When I asked him why, Hank said “I like the more intimate setting where I can be closer to my fans. Hank told me the folks who come to see him know he plays long shows that cross several styles. I could tell what really drives Hank is the fans. He reinforced this by mentioning the fans several times and referenced “crowd energy”. We then talked about how today you don’t need a label to put out an album, his exact words were “you don’t have to have a $500,000 mixer to sound good”.

I looked at the clock and we had been talking almost a half hour. I told him I appreciated his time as I knew he was a busy man. Hank then said what every fan wants to hear, “if you are into me I am into you”. This tells me that even though he is an outlaw, the fans matter. I got a real great feeling from our conversation and felt like I have known Hank for years.

I am definitely looking forward to the Lincoln Theatre show.


Article on Unknown Hinson written by Meghan Adkins and photographed by Hunter Lee Elliott


Unknown Hinson takes Raleigh’s Lincoln Theatre to an “Unknown” Dimension

Article on The Morning After posted in Raleigh written and photographed by myself.

Leading Off 2012 with Raleigh favorite The Morning After.


Published in Raleigh by Hunter Elliott