I know this blog is about local music and it is my intention to follow that outline but something has been praying on my mind the past several days (past several years to be honest).
I hear the term country music thrown around alot and it has come to my attention many have no idea what they are talking about. I had a similar conversation with “Mad Dog” from 94.7 a while back (he had no idea what country music was either) so I would like to set the record straight as best as I can.
Look here y’all the mindless noise that most of the country music stations play is about as far from country music as you can get. You have the Taylor Swifts and Rascal Flats (along with a plethora of other clones generated by music executives) that are groomed to be successful and relentlessly marketed to get the public’s attention. If you throw enough money and media at something it will eventually find followers
My father told me many times if you tell yourself something long enough you will begin to believe it. The media tells you this is country music and folks have begun to believe it.
Music of any genre has a soul be it Barry White, Merla Haggard, or Moterhead. All three totally different in style but have put their heart in the craft for the fans. Today much of the music is cut from a template by lawyers and record producers who are way more interested in the bottom line that the product the are selling. When that cookie cutter act fails they have already lined up some other act they have groomed to continue bringing in the money, instead of finding talent they are making it.
Next time you are thinking on buying a new country music cd ask yourself “what would Hank Williams do?”

Vinyl is where it is at

As I sit here having a few cold beers and enjoying some blues on my turntable I had an epiphany. Before I jump right into how I came to my enlightened state I will outline the process so as you may get a better understanding and hopefully reach a higher state of genius as I have.
It started a number of years ago when I began seriously collecting vinyl records. The collecting began out of necessity as much of the music I love is either not on CD or hard to come by on such format. I began collecting old school Rock and Roll as well as traditional Country on vinyl and that is where my path of enlightenment began. First of all on a decent stereo the quality of the music off a record surpasses that of a CD. A little dirt or a few scratches on a record just adds character instead of ruining a CD. The cover art alone is worth the transition, more creativity exists on that 12 1/2″ by 12 1/2″ of cardboard than a pick up truck load of “CD art”. Music today is by no means what it once was (whether you are a fan of today’s music or not you have to agree). I listen to the radio when there are no other options and many more times than not I am disappointed by what is passed off as music (who the hell is this “Lady Ga-Ga and what the hell is she all about?). On the flip side of that it is very rare I pick up a record and cannot appreciate the uniqueness of the sound and the creativity of the lyrics. It is as if they actually have a point and it is not to just make a bunch of noise and bags of cash. Another good point that is not as important (but worth mention as we are amassing the benefits) is records are inexpensive. From a few dollars at the Flea Market and Thrift Stores to pennies at yard sales. So what you would spend on 1 CD you could buy enough vinyl to get you through a weekend of hard drinking and the hangover. I reckon one of the biggest benefits of vinyl is all the cool points that are attached to a stack of vinyl records beside your turntable, way better that some tacky CD stand collecting dust in the corner. So there you have it, my heightened state of genius and the twisted beer soaked path that lead me there. Save you CDs for your car and enjoy music the way it was made when it was forged on a black disk.


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