Gouge Wrestling brings a bunch of animals (so to speak) to Rebus Works for physical combat (so to speak) in the squared circle. Along with the wrestling match was a food truck rodeo with several local vendors as well as Aviator Brewing Company. There was some great food along with cold beers and some interesting entertainment. Wrestlers from Gouge put on an excellent show for the public’s enjoyment.  I am not a huge fan of professional wrestling, I believe it has something to do with all the way over the top showmanship.  This style of wrestling is a bit more to my liking, still plenty of showmanship but a little more gritty making this seem more real (which we all have opinions on ). Several of the wrestlers were Andrea the Giant, Redman, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. Otto Schwanz, Lou Marconi, and Rob BoogieWoogieman McBride. I think what I enjoyed the most of the show was how the wrestlers played to the crowd, especially the children. After the show I had the chance to meet Andrea the Giant and a few of the other wrestlers and they were all really nice folks Not that I did not expect that but still it was not hours before they were battling it out with one another.

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