Appetite for Destruction brings a bit of G-N-R to the Lincoln

Posted: August 21, 2011 in local music
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Chad Atkin (not quite Axl), Mike “Junior” Edington (not quite Slash), Ron Cook (not quite Duff), Chris Clark (not quite Izzy), and Mike Ropelewski (not quite Adler) make up Appetite for Destruction, a Guns and Roses tribute band. Stepping into the Lincoln Theater the night of the show was almost like stepping back to the ’80s, with all the big hair, make up, and spandex ( and I am not just talking about the women).  The place was packed and  the crown was very enthusiastic about the show. When Appetite for Destruction took the stage it was tough to tell it was not Guns-N-Roses themselves putting on the show. These guys did a great covering all the G-N-R hits such as Sweet Child of Mine, Nighttrain, Welcome to the Jungle, and My Michelle. Their wardrobe and stage presence also reflected the G-N-R styling. I enjoyed the show myself and by the looks of the packed out Lincoln everybody else did as well.
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