The Johnny Folsom Four bring a bit of Johnny Cash to Raleigh

Posted: August 17, 2011 in local music
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This was the second time I have seen The Johnny Folsom Four live and they are a fine tribute to the late Johnny Cash. To pay a worthy tribute to the man in black you have some large shoes to fill and you can tell these musicians take this very seriously. As far as creating the essence of a Johnny Cash show these fellas have got it together. Preforming some of the most popular Johnny Cash tunes such as Ring of Fire and A Boy Named Sue and a few that are not played as often as they should be such as Long Legged Guitar Picking Man. In case your are not familiar with The Johnny Folsom Four they are Randy Benefield, David Burney, David Gresham, Joey Ward, and extra special guest Miss Eleanor Jones. The crowd was really into the show and that was evident by the folks who made their way close to the stage and carved out a dance floor among the other fans.  These guys are based out of Raleigh NC which is fortunate for us as they play the area often. If you hear tell of The Johnny Folsom Four playing a show anywhere near you I would suggest you check them out. I have yet to see someone leave their show until it is over.

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  1. Randy Benefield says:

    Thanks for the review and the great pics. Really appreciate it. We open the Ray Price Bikefest downtown Friday, September 23. We’ll be the opening band on the big stage just ahead of All My Rowdy Friends, so hope to see you there.

  2. dieta says:

    When it comes to honoring Johnny Cash the Johnny Folsom Four walk the line. Johnny Cash fans from Nashville to New York City have enjoyed the Johnny Folsom Fours tribute to the Man in Black.

  3. davidmelvingresham says:

    Wow! Thank you fro that review! We truly love Johnny Cash and want to bring an honest attempt at his craft to as many folks who will come out. Hope to see you at another show soon! Thanks again! Best,
    David Gresham

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