Skullbuckle melds Country, Punk, Rock, and Funk before my very eyes

Posted: August 17, 2011 in local music

I got the opportunity to catch Skullbuckle at Southland Ballroom at the beginning of the weekend. These guys really have a unique sound. Blending instrumentals and lyrics together that, on paper, would not look like it would work but on stage they pulled it off perfectly. It really is an in your face sound with some serious drums and dark guitar riffs. It would be impossible to categorize this music in even a broad label so I decided to ignore conventional labels and if you decide you would like to try, then by all means give them a listen and email me your thoughts. If you are not familiar with Skullbuckle they are Malcolm David Hathaway III, vocals and guitar, Greg Clayton vocals and drums, Jimmy Phillips bass, and Kris Walz lead guitar. It was not too long ago Skullbuckle released their self titled debut album and they have been garnering fans at a steady pace. Great show fellas.

Please click on the thumbnail for a larger picture or check Facebook


  1. greg says:


  2. Kris says:

    great photos, great time!!! the top one on the left is now my desktop background cause that just looks so badass.

  3. Kris says:

    the pictures keep changing order, but i meant the picture with greg on the ride cymbal. that one of adam and butch is cool too! lee you are a talented photographer.

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