Rachel Koontz and The Morning After debut in Beaufort NC

Posted: July 14, 2011 in local music
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I braved the sun, bourbon, beautiful weather, and the beach to bring you all my thoughts on Rachel Koontz and The Morning After debuting in Beaufort NC. Located on the boardwalk by the waterway, the appropriately named Dockhouse is a great place to hear live music and enjoy the local vibe. I have been covering The Morning After since their first show and can tell you they have matured together to form an awesome band. They have easily carved a niche in the Raleigh music scene and are taking their music on the road. In case you are not familiar with The Morning After, they are made up of Rachel Koontz : vocals, Shawn Chase: mandolin, Jamie Dawson: mandolin, bass guitar, vocals, Pattie Hopkins: fiddle, vocals, Mike Rosado: percussion, and Hank Smith: banjo, guitar, vocals. They performed many of their original songs as well as their interpretation of other’s songs. As they performed their first set, a crowd gathered outside The Dockhouse. Before that set was over the boardwalk was full of folks laughing, dancing, and having a large time. Rachel Koontz siren-like voice attracted several boats to dock at the boardwalk and join us on the patio. With such a rich soulful sound going for them as well as some of the most talented musicians to come out of Raleigh it is no surprise to me that their fan base continuously grows. Just after 1 o’clock in the morning The Morning After wrapped it up and it looked like most everybody stayed to see the end of the show. Great show, great friends, and beautiful weather in Beaufort, that my friends is a way to spend a weekend.


Check out their debut video “Rest Tonight”

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