Old School Honky Tonk

Posted: June 8, 2011 in local music
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I stopped in Slim’s sometime back to see the boys from Tonk tear it up with some old school Honky Tonk.  In this day and age of sorry Country Music seeing this band gave me some hope. There is strong evidence of the influences of this band from Waylon Jennings and Ray Price to Hank Williams, all country royalty.  If you are not familiar with the band they are: Graham Fry – vocals, guitar, Shep Lane – pedal steel, Ben Barwick – bass, Lin Peterson – guitar, and Bo Taylor – drums. They did some original tunes as well as some oldie goldies that brought the crowd back to another day and age of live music, at least for a while. I enjoyed the music thoroughly a niche of quality sound that at least in my opinion is not represented enough and it went perfect with a side of cold beers.  Tonk drew quite a diverse crowd of fans who came out to support the band and many stayed to meet and greet with the members after the show. There really is not too much more to say, this is one of those bands that is better understood in person then through words.

  1. Ben says:

    Man, great photos. Would you be willing for us to use one of these (3rd one down) in the News and Observer coming up? If so, we’ll buy you a beer(s) or something! They are writing something about us for our show at Kings July 1 with The Jackets. Let me know, and thanks! bencbarwick@gmail.com

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