Mary Jennings delivers some gritty Soul to Backstage

Posted: March 10, 2011 in local music
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My friends and I met at Chris London’s Backstage to have a few cold beers, visit with one another and see Mary Jennings spread some soul. Mary would be tough to pigeon-hole as far as genre. For me it was Soul redefined, or better yet a culmination of dirt, heart, and soul perpetuated through her beguiling voice and damn loud keyboard. I saw the singer/songwriter influence in her music which added a bit of intimacy to the sound. Mary did a number of original tunes that can be heard on ReverbNation as well as Everylong by The Foo Fighters, a cool addition to her set list.  It was not just me that saw this which was evident in the crowd’s energy. The rest of the band is Pat McCarthy on bass and Andy Stark on drums. Pat was right on time with his bass supporting the sound and Andy kept in all in time behind his drum kit. For a small three-piece band they made enough music to fill Raleigh. Another great night out with friends, and after this show Mary has at least one more fan but I expect the number is much higher.


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