East Coast Rhythm and Blues

Posted: March 6, 2011 in local music
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I was invited to Tuxedo Junction to watch East Coast Rhythm and Blues bring a bit of the coast to Wake Forest via some fine Beach Music. East Coast Rhythm and Blues is made up of  Rex Jones – Lead Vocal, Sharon Hackney – Lead Vocal, Kim Jones – Drums / Vocals, Greg Thompson – Keyboards / vocals, Mike Davis – Saxophone, Bennett Manning – Guitar / Trumpet, Donald Dupree – Bass     Richard “BUZZ” Farrow – Guitar / vocals / Trumpet, Larry Fuller – Lead Guitar / Vocals, Jerry Blake – Sound Engineer / Manager. There are nine, yes nine members on stage blending their sound together to produce a rich, full sound. They played mostly Beach Music covers as well as original numbers with the occasional country song mixed in (which still had a bit of that Beach sound). It did not take long for the fellas to draw folks from their tables and bar to the dance floor, with Rex serving double duty on the dance floor as lead vocalist and dance partner for a few tunes. East Coast Rhythm and Blues put on a great show and packed the house.


  1. East Coast Rhythm & Blues band says:

    WOW! You really did an AWESOME number on a bunch of old guys!!!! Thanks!!!

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