Airiel Down plays the hanger aboard the George H W Bush aircraft carrier.

Posted: December 7, 2010 in local music
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I have covered a lot of music shows at some cool places but I have to say that photographing Airiel Down doing a live Rock-N-Roll show in the hanger bay of the USS George H W Bush aircraft carrier while we were at sea is by far the coolest. As always the boys put on an excellent show with a lot of energy. This is more significant as we (Fade To Black and Airiel Down) had been filming a music video aboard the carrier for the past day and a half and we were all pretty tired. Airiel Down has long supported the troops playing shows all over for them and it was a great honor to be aboard the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier. As always they involved the crowd bringing sailors on stage and filming their story for Military Apperciaton night at several venues that will feature the video. Taylor the drummer actually got a mohawk at the ship’s barbershop with the numbers 77 shaved in, the number of the carrier. That went over very well with everyone. I have written about Airiel Down enough that we all know they are about as good as it gets as far as live shows and Rock-N-Roll goes but I felt this story needed to be told considering the venue and reasoning.

For more photographs from the trip check this link



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