Unknown Hinson defines psychobilly at The Lincoln Theater

Posted: September 27, 2010 in local music
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Unknown Hinson ripped it up at The Lincoln Theater in Raleigh NC Friday September 24th on his tour sponsored by Mojo Musical Supply. I would like to thank Unknown Hinson’s management as well as Mojo Musical Supply for their hospitality toward me, Tim Szczesniak, and Gabriel Nelson. Weather you like Unknown Hinson or not (I cannot image the “not”) there is no denying his ability in bending the guitar strings as well as working up a crowd. His rendition of country music makes me believe there is hope for the genre. Us as a team were there to photograph the event but even while working one could not help to have a great time. To really appreciate the music you really need to see a live show, the theatrics alone are worth it.  It is mystery to me how Unknown Hinson gets his “sound” but it is surly unique and sets him above all the other acts that do not have his soul. Even though the show is just a few days in the past I am already looking forward to seeing him again.

  1. Great work Elliott! Thank for the close-ups of guitar and the shots that no one ever takes – the audience!
    Best Regards,

  2. Joy Presley says:

    Saw Friday’s show at the Lincoln, great venue, great show! The 2012 tour is gonna be great! Unknown was ripping, as always, and the crowd was eating up every note! I am so wanting to see more!

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