Airiel Down goes wide open at Raleigh Wide Open

Posted: August 1, 2010 in local music
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I have been looking forward to seeing Airiel Down since I last saw them The Lincoln Theater so I was glad to find out they were playing an acoustic show at Raleigh Wide Open. The line up was a little condensed for this show with Beaux Foy on guitar and vocals, Taylor Traversari on drums, and Steve Grove on guitar. As always the show was all about the energy, I am impressed at the level of energy this group of men can introduce to the audience. There was quite a crowd that gathered to see the show and I can assure you no one was disappointed. Beaux plays to the fans in a way I have never seen, involving them in the show and making them all seem as if they were the only person there. He even brought a little girl on stage to assist with the dancing and that made the show. What a great bunch of guys. Airiel Down is from Raleigh and in my opinion have made it but have not forgotten where they come from or their fans. I had a chance to speak with Beaux and Steve before and after the show (as they stayed to speak to every fan, though I am sure they were exhausted) and I believe they are talented and genuine folks. Nice work my friends.


  1. Cam says:

    These guys are the truth! Without a doubt the best unsigned band in the country. Total package. Kind, humble, and personable!

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