The Rockridge Brothers bring a bit of Swedish Bluegrass to The Berkeley Cafe.

Posted: July 16, 2010 in local music
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How about that, a Swedish Bluegrass band at our very own Berkeley Cafe. Well I am here to tell you if this is what Swedish Bluegrass is I am all about it. The Rockridge Brothers did a number of their own songs as well as a few traditional Bluegrass songs (Cotteneye Joe and Rolling In My Sweet Babies Arms included) and even an Irish instrumental. In Between numbers we got some history, heard some good jokes, and for those paying attention learned some Swedish. The Rockridge Brothers are composed of Peter Frövik – Guitar, Ralf Fredblad – Fiddle, Kristian Herner – Banjo,and Pontus Juth – Bass.  They have a new album coming out in the fall and from the songs I heard tonight it would be worth having. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and had a chance to meet with a few members of the band afterwards. Great bunch of folks that will be playing Floyd fest, not to be missed.

  1. Ah! I remember that gig. That was fun!

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