Spivey’s Corner play Katmandu on Hillsborough St

Posted: July 11, 2010 in local music
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I stopped in to have a few beers with friends at Katmandu and see Spivey’s Corner get on with it.  The band is composed of Jeremy Ponce – Lead Vocals, Brandon Hobbs – Lead Guitar & Vocals, Troy Spencer – Bass Guitar & Vocals, and Derek Stutts- Drums & Vocals. To describe Spivey’s Corner to someone who is unfamiliar with their style would be easy to an extent but you really cannot get the big picture without seeing them live and in person. They played all sorts of songs through several genres that was a good cross-section of music you would want to have on hand, especially when cold beer is involved. Jeremy played directly to the crowd getting off stage several times during the show to mix with the fans.  Their style, sound, and volume really set the mood at Katmandu. I had a chance to speak with Brandon between sets and talk a little music.  I had a good time seeing these folks and look forward to catching them again.


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