The Hotwires play The Dock House in Beaufort NC

Posted: June 22, 2010 in local music
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This was one of those weekends that what I do remember was pretty wide open.  I traveled with The Hotwires to Beaufort NC for the second time to see them play The Dock House. What a cool venue right on the boardwalk and in front of the waterway. The beer is cheap and cold and lots of sights to see. They played Friday and Saturday night but in the interest of integrity I am only writing about the Saturday night show (The Friday night show falls into the “it is a little fuzzy category”). Seriously though Friday and Saturday were both excellent shows where The Hotwires played 3, 45 minute sets each night and brought bluegrass to the Beaufort boardwalk. The Saturday show was a little more interesting as there was a wedding wrapping up about a block away and the wedding party found their way to the show. Not only was there a wedding crowd but the law showed up to get control of a few rowdy fans. Suffice it to say there was plenty of entertainment on and off the stage. Patti Hopkins and her amazing fiddle skills joined Hank Bowman (lead vocals-guitar), Hank Smith (banjo-vocals), Jason Hedrick (bass fiddle-vocals ), and Jamie Dawson (mandolin-vocals) to round out the group.  Great times that weekend, oh and thanks to Jamie again for the bacon,egg, and cheese biscuit Saturday morning. I believe that gave me the strength I needed to get out of the bed.

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