Monkey Navigated Robots brings funk to Raleigh

Posted: June 20, 2010 in local music
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My friend Hank Smith invited me to Woody’s City Market in downtown Raleigh to see Monkey Navigated Robots (MNR). So Jamie, Adam, and I headed downtown to have a few cold beers and see the sights.  Their style would be tough to categorize but to give you an idea mix funk, rock-n-roll, some blues, and funk together and that will get you close (I eventually included funk twice). I noticed right off that cold beer is the perfect side for MNR, they go nicely together. The band consists of :Hank Smith – banjo, E. Scott Warren – bass, Mike Rosado – drums, and Mike Babyak – vertical and horizontal guitar as well as vocals. A few songs that were on the set list are De La Luz, Aquafresh, Flora Linda, Sweet Life, Nana’s Chalkpipe, and Way Down in the Hole. with my favorite of the night being De La Luz. I believe MNR’s music could be just at home at the local tavern as well as the Raleigh Amphitheatre. I had an excellent time drinking beer with friends and experiencing what Monkey Navigated Robots is all about. I actually believe I am now smarter because of the show (I know that is scary).




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