Funkuponya brings a bit of soul to The Pour House

Posted: June 20, 2010 in local music
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Not too long ago Leo Kishore (bassist for Funkuponya and friend of mine) got me hooked on funk music so I have been looking forward to seeing Funkuponya play The Pour House. I got to the stage just after 2300 hours and it was already packed full of funk fans (say that 3 times fast). The show started and the whole world changed. If you were to look up “funk music” in the dictionary I would reckon you find a reference to Funkuponya (I really hate to use an old cliché but it really is applicable here). These guys put on an excellent show that energized the crowd as well as got my blood pressure up.The light show that was going on really jived with the style of music and seemed to take The Pour House to some whole other dimension. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and have an even greater appreciation for the talent contained in these 4 individuals. The 4 individuals I am speaking of are Doug Carter (guitar), Leo Kishore (bass guitar), Carl Blackwell (drums) and Brian Werner (organ & various keyboards).  After the show it took me a minute to collect my thoughts, I said my good byes, and could not wait to write about what went down.


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