The Infamous Stringdusters

Posted: May 23, 2010 in local music
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I made it to The Cat’s Cradle to see The Infamous Stringdusters on Saturday May 22nd. Turns out this was their first time playing at The Cradle which surprised me a little considering how popular they are and how popular The Cradle is. The Infamous Stringdusters are on tour promoting their new album “Things That Fly”. The Stringdusters are somewhat of a traditional Bluegrass band but with other influences as well that add to their sound. So in my opinion they are Bluegrass as well as Newgrass (a line that can be tough to walk with effectiveness without getting lost on one side or the other). The show was very energetic as the band played to the crowd. One thing I noticed was when a particular musician was featured at the mic the others would stand back and let him have it. That really highlighted the particular musician and their talent. Speaking of the members they are: Chris Pandolfi – banjo, Jeremy Garrett – fiddle, Jesse Cobb – mandolin, Travis Book – bass, Andy Falco – guitar, and Andy Hall – Dobro. The Cat’s Cradle was packed with fans and before the first set was over it was standing room only. All in all it was a great show and The Infamous Stringdusters have made a new fan.


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