Kickin Grass plays The Cat’s Cradle with Ben Walters and Lin Peterson

Posted: May 23, 2010 in local music
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It was not long ago I wrote a post about Kickin Grass but this show was special because Ben Walters (the banjo picker for Kickin Grass just before Hank Smith) and Lin Peterson (an excellent Dobro player)  joined in (this was a last minute show scheduled and Hank had other commitments at a music festival). It has been 2 years since Ben has played with Kickin Grass but he jumped right in and held his own. Ben is a very talented musician and close friend. I especially look forward to shows when Lin’s Dobro is brought in because it definitely adds a great deal to an already excellent sound. Pattie Hopkins does a fine job on her fiddle and has gelled nicely with the band. Patrick Walsh on doghouse bass/vocals, Lynda Dawson on acoustic guitar/vocals, and Jamie Dawson on mandolin/vocals all did a fine job of bringing their unique Bluegrass sound to Carrboro. That really sums it up, Kickin Grass put on a fantastic show with a little added spice.

Another thing I noticed was The Kickin Grass band always brings out beautiful women.


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