Kickin Grass preforms at The Six String Cafe

Posted: May 13, 2010 in local music
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Once again my friends Kickin Grass put on an outstanding show. This time is was at The Six String Cafe, a little more laid back setting drawing focus to the stage more so than some venues.  This was the first time I was able to see their new fiddle player Pattie Hopkins in action. After the first fiddle song Pattie played I forgot all about Matt Hooper and what he looks like (Matt, I am just kidding, you know I love you like a step brother). Most of the seats in The Six String Cafe were full and I believe the folks in attendance enjoyed the show as much as I did, about half way through even some dancing broke out. As for the other members, Lynda Dawson (one of my favorite songwriters and vocalists) on the guitar and vocals. Jamie Dawson on the mandolin and vocals (and even attempted a bit of comedy), Patrick Walsh (bass fiddle and vocals), and Hank Smith on banjo (and the other half of the Jamie and Hank comedy team). Lynda and Patrick (putting down his bass and picking up the mandolin) did a duo on the song Runaway, a haunting number. A few other songs that we heard were Hometown, Gasoline Blues, Left This Town, Change Your Mind, Backroads, Dear Sarah, and On The Short Rows. Another successful show for Kickin Grass on the books. I am proud of my friends and what they have accomplished.


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