Cinder Cat brings a mix to The Berkeley Cafe.

Posted: May 12, 2010 in local music
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Opening up The Berkeley Cafe for the Wake County SPCA benefit and setting the bar high Cinder Cat took the stage Saturday 8th just after 9:30.  It would be tough to define Cinder Cat as one genre as I saw characteristics of rock, progressive, independent, and funk all bound in their music. I did see the most unusual instrument I have even seen. It was a Theremin, an instrument that is played without touch. It has 2 metal antennas that read where the musicians hands are in relation to the instrument and sound and volume are generated, amplified, and sent to a speaker. It had a very cool futuristic sound that added a unique feature to Cinder Cat. That in itself was worth seeing. The musicians of Cinder Cat brought their A game to the stage Saturday night, they are Cartwright Brandon – Drums, Drew De Porter – Guitar /Vocals, Taylor Hellhake – Bass/Theremin, and Charlie Nimitz – Guitar. Adding to the uniqueness of their sound they also had some recorded vocal effects that sounded as if they were from 60s sci fi television. They used these recordings to introduce a few of the songs and to set the mood of what was coming. That was pretty innovative. All in all I felt as if I was watching Twilight Zone, the musical. I had a great time at the show and have a new appreciation of the music from the future.


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