Hot Politics do their thing at The Berkley Cafe.

Posted: May 10, 2010 in local music
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Man what a show, Hot Politics a Greensboro North Carolina based Funk band put our eardrums to the test Saturday May 9th at The Berkeley Cafe. With a mixture of sound from drums, horns, guitar, and bass the room was thick with funk. I had a chance to meet Jason Bullock  just before the show and he seemed like a real laid back sorta fella but he turned it up once he got behind his Euphonium and provided vocals. The other band members are Adam Donohue on the Tenor Sax, Kyle Poehling on Aux Percussion/ Drums/Vocals, Gray Hackelman on the Bass, Andy LeMaire on the Guitar, and Leo Kishore with his Bass sat in on a song.  I could see how Hot Politics played to the crowd, really involving them in the show. They did a fine job on bringing the funk to downtown Raleigh.  I kept an eye out for some folks from the 70s with bell bottoms on to pass me on roller skates headed under the disco ball. Closing your eyes their show really took you back in time. I really dug all their music but the song Turn Signal really stuck out in my mind. Funk is a new experience for me but I can tell you this for sure, it is a lot of fun and brings out the girls.


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