Funkuponya plays The Berkley Cafe

Posted: May 9, 2010 in local music
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Leo Kishore a very talented musician and friend of mine invited me to The Berkley Cafe on Saturday May 8th to see my first Funkuponya show. Funkuponya was headlining a benefit show for the local SPCA. I had been looking forward to seeing them live and the show was aiding one of my favorite organizations so I gathered my camera gear, made my way to Downtown Raleigh, and found a place in the crowd. When the band kicked off the room was energized, I mean as they were setting up there was hardly any noise to wide open funk music spilling off the stage with enough presence to shake the old bricks that make up The Berkeley Cafe. I was hooked by the middle of Adelita (the first song) and an energy circulated through the room that set folks to dancing. Hot Air Balloon Chase, Go Go, Mixed Greens, Uncle Junior, Garlic, Peppermint Pattie (one of my favorites) and Mr. T-Bag rounded out the set list. Funkuponya is composed of Doug Carter (guitar), Leo Kishore (bass guitar), Carl Blackwell (drums) and Brian Werner (organ & various keyboards). I thoroughly enjoyed my first Funkuponya show and am sure it will not be my last.  If you are into funk music or curious about it this is a great band to get your fix from and with a name like Funkuponya how in the world can you go wrong. Thanks to Leo for the invite.

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