No Outlet featured at The Aviator Brewing Company

Posted: April 24, 2010 in local music
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I got wind No Outlet was playing at my friend Mark’s tap house. I stopped by the tap house to have a few Hot Rod Reds, visit with my friends, and see No Outlet. To set the scene The Aviator Brewing Company’s Tap House is a laid back venue where folks can gather to have some local beer and hear local music. If you don’t know anyone when you get there it is no problem to make new friends over a pint of cold beer. Being a warm April evening the double doors were propped open and folks seemed to gravitate around the bar. When No Outlet kicked off just after 8:00 I grabbed my pint, camera, and unequaled perception and headed to the music (OK maybe I exaggerated a shade on the perception part but bear with me). I listened to a few songs while I made my plan and got to work (the word “work” may also be a bit of an exaggeration). I really enjoyed the soothing sounds of No Outlet. After a few songs I introduced myself to Jim Grugett (lead vocals) and Ken Quinlan (lead guitar). I was able to visit with Jim and Ken while they were taking a short break and they are good folks. We had a brief conversation and they got back to making music. The thing I really appreciated was though No Outlet did an excellent job in entertaining the crowd their music was not so overpowering as you would have to go outside to be able to keep your hearing.  I have heard the saying if it is too loud you are too old but I like to hear when Mike (who manages the tap house) asks me if I need another beer. To be able to enjoy great local beer and local music is in my opinion one of the best ways to spend a Friday night (or most any night for that matter). Their version of “Please Come to Boston” was fantastic. All in all Jim and Ken did a fine job filling the tap house with great music. I will look forward to seeing them play again.

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