Shannon Whitworth and The Refugees at The Berkeley Cafe

Posted: March 21, 2010 in local music
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Shannon Whitworth headlined The Berkeley Cafe March 19th and lived up to her name for genuine songwriting and a beguiling voice.
Shannon was a founding member of the acoustic quartet The Biscuit Burners and is doing very well with her solo project.  Her music was peaceful and inspiring and I enjoyed her show right much. This was my first experience seeing Shannon first hand and it was well worth the trip to downtown Raleigh. The Berkeley Cafe was packed with fans of Shannon Whitworth but aside from her music the room was quite as a church mouse during her most of her performance. There were several numbers Shanon did that inspired dancing throughout the crowd.  The musicians consist of Shannon Whitworth (guitar, banjo)  John Stickley (guitar, mandolin) Matthew Smith (pedal steel, Dobro, guitar),  Jeff Sipe (drums) Jake Hopping (bass).  I look forward to seeing Shannon and her band again.

  1. Nice article Hunter and some really sweet images! Let’s get together and shoot something.
    Best wishes for the future…

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