Unknown Hinson takes over The Berkeley Cafe

Posted: March 18, 2010 in local music
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Well it was St. Patrick’s Day all over America and a crowd of folks elected to celebrate with Charlotte NC born Unknown Hinson at The Berkeley and man….what a show. First I will go over the facts, this band is loud and I would have to say with all honesty Unknown Hinson is as good of a guitar played as I have even seen in my life. There were several lengthy guitar solos that made my face get hot and my blood pressure high enough I had to thin my blood with a few cold beers. The expressions on Unknown’s face gives a little insight on what is going through his mind while he is making as his music. Honestly and truthfully this is a very talented trio with a unique sound. The best way I could describe his music is, this what country music would sound like if it got caught in a phone booth with a rabid Mountain Lion.
My first thoughts as the show began were “Dracula the musical” I mean this show oozed old Hollywood horror (before Hollywood went to hell in a hand basket). There was a creepy vibe that floated off the stage as if it was fog from a smoke machine.
A few of the songs the band preformed were Venus Bound, Undead Blues, Pregnant, Barbie Q, Ugly Things, Lingerie, Foggy Windows, and several more. One thing I noticed is the show drew all sorts of folks from rednecks to hippies to punks and a few I would be hard pressed to describe. That tells me Unknown’s music transcends some hard genres but I reckon that is what genuine talent and old school theatrics will get you.  I could go on and on about the show but be sure everyone in attendance enjoyed the show and stayed through the last encore. My advice to you is if The Country Western Troubadour Unknown Hinson comes anywhere near you make it a point to get a few friends together and go see the show.

  1. Dan says:

    I recorded the audio from the show and would love to use some of these photos for the cd artwork.

  2. Margo Baker says:

    Great review and pix! Thanks so much for your kind words. I really like the idea of “country music in a telephone booth with a mountain lion” as a new music genre.
    Margo Baker
    Manger/Booking Agent

  3. Hank B says:

    Great photos Lee! That was a fun night! Buck was blown away.

  4. Hunter says:

    Thank you Margo and Hank.
    Margo I will email you some high rez images.

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