John Howie JR and Billie Feather at The Berkeley Cafe

Posted: March 10, 2010 in local music
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John and Billie were a part of the Shadow Benefit that was held at The Berkeley Cafe Sunday the seventh.
John and Billie brought a traditional country sound to the Berkeley stage Sunday afternoon, a sound that is harder to come by in the days of cookie cutter pop country music. This new country music (I am using the term “music” very loosely here) is really noise that is cranked out to fill a quiet background. What John and Billie put together was the exact opposite of that, drawing the crowds attention and holding it by the throat until that show was over.  There were several original numbers as well as a few covers.
John did a fine job with vocals, guitar, and harmonica. Billie was amazing on the doghouse bass, I mean she really burnt up the strings. Billie also picked the banjo and guitar during the show as well as shared in the vocals and her and John’s sound meshed.
There was a bit of banter between the two and Billie gave John no mercy, it was a nice breather between some hard country music. I really enjoyed the show and appreciate their take on what country music should be.

  1. Buck says:

    Much obliged for you putting up great comments on Howie. I was looking for Howies email address so I could tell him about Corb Lund coming to the Berkley Cafe May 1st. I know he’d really like Corb’s style. Hope you can pass this on. B

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