The Hotwires at the Pour House with Lin Peterson

Posted: March 6, 2010 in local music
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As you all may or may not know Lin Peterson started out with The Hotwires at the beginning but was involved in so many projects he had to consolidate. Lin is an excellent Dobro player and I was excited when I found out he was doing a show with The Hotwires.
I made it to The Pour House to catch the show and what can I say about The Hotwires that has not been said really. Hank Bowman is a one of a kind singer, songwriter, and guitar player (and he can change a guitar string and get it back in tune faster than I have ever seen while keeping up with the song). I have to tell you I love Hank’s music. Speaking of Hank, how about that Hank Smith who might as well have invented the banjo and figured out how to break it in. When it comes to the mandolin my friend Jamie Dawson is on it like dogonit. Then there is Jason Hedrick a talented bass fiddle player as well as running Reading Room Studios for recording artists. You all already know how I feel about Lin Peterson so with all that said it was the typical Hotwires show where energy levels were through the roof and that was illustrated in the crowd.
Whatever “it” is these folks have “it” and ain’t afraid to show “it” off. Nice work my friends.


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