Jackass Flats at the Pour House

Posted: March 5, 2010 in local music
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I stopped by The Pour House to see some hard driving Bluegrass/Americana music and man I got my moneys worth.
Jackass Flats took the stage at the Pour House and I mean took the stage. This crowd is no stranger to preforming as they play all over the country to a large fan base. The band is made up of  Travis Rinehart, Stephen Kuester, Eddie Carlton, Cory Potrafka, and Scott Lewis.
Jackass Flats has amassed numerous well deserved awards for their musical talents, hailing from Virgina and spreading out from there.
I heard a lot of original music as well as a few covers that kept the crowd energized. They put on a fantastic show that was fast and loud.  After the show was over, I made it home and after a few cold beers my blood pressure has begun to stabilized.  A word of advice for fellow photographers shooting a Jackass Flat show, keep your shutter speed high my friend.


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