Della Mae at the Berkeley Cafe.

Posted: February 22, 2010 in local music
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My friend Jamie told me about Della Mae an all female bluegrass band that was playing at the Berkeley Cafe Sunday Febuary 21.
I had heard of them but I have never had the chance to see them live.
Let me tell you like a friend this is a talented bunch of ladies. They came on strong right from the get go and pure shelled down the corn until the last song. They covered a few songs that I recognized as well as some original numbers, all done excellent. Vocal responsibility was shared between Laura Cortese (who sang the majority of vocals and played the fiddle) and Grace Van’t Hof (also playing a mean banjo), their styles contrasted nicely.
The acoustic guitar was played by Avril Smith and fiddle along with some comic relief was Kimber Ludiker. Amanda Kowalski bent the strings on the doghouse bass. Della Mae had a good stage presence and played to the crowd. As well as some fine music they also shared a few interesting stories of their travels.
The string instruments blended excellent with the vocals and the instrumentals were on time. Della Mae tours all over the country and I sure was glad they made a stop in Raleigh. Nice work ladies, I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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