The Hotwires at the Boylan Bridge Brewpub

Posted: February 1, 2010 in local music

I stopped in the Boylan Bridge Brewpub to catch The Hotwires in action and have a few cold beers.
Their style of Bluegrass is familiar but unique (if that makes sense). With Hank Bowman on the acoustic guitar and vocals (doing a might fine job I might add) and  Hank Smith on banjo and back up vocals they make quite the pair. Matt Hooper wearing on the bow strings , Jamie Dawson on the mandolin and Jason Hedrick on the upright bass they have a very full sound.
Vocals and music are very tight. The Hotwires doing a lot of original music which makes for a great show as opposed to some bands who do the same old same old.
I thoroughly enjoyed the music and it would seem everyone else did as well, not to mention the beer was pretty good as well.  The Hotwires


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