Kickin Grass at the Berkeley

Posted: January 27, 2010 in local music

On January 22, 2010 I went with to see some of my close friends electrify the Berekely Cafe.
Kickin Grass started off the evening by whipping up the audience with some fast and loose bluegrass hinted with country and rock-n-roll.
Lynda standing in front of the lead mic with her acoustic guitar is born to do this. Her husband Jamie is hard on his mandolin strings and follows up with strong vocals. Matt is one of a kind on the fiddle and Hank has to be one of the best banjo pickers this side of reality. Patrick plays dual roles as vocalist and running the base fiddle, both of which he has figured out.

I have to say to those who do not like bluegrass, you need to catch at least one Kickin Grass show, it is worth seeing if nothing more than the banter between songs.

With that said I am working on a patent for liquid cooled instruments.


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